28.12.2008    First x-ray result of the Ember red’s
21.12.2008    New litter planned
28.11.2008    Piper passed the Companion Dog test BGH3
12.11.2008    New Dreamworker studdog online
29.10.2008    Dreamies clean up
15.10.2008    Edana got her breeding permission
03.10.2008    Two Dragons at the breeding authorization test
01.10.2008    Now our Sockx is great-grandmother for the second time
29.09.2008    Dragon red Fiona the Dreamworker got the permission to breed
04.09.2008    New Dreamworker studdog online
02.09.2008    New Dreamworker studdog online
01.09.2008    New pictures of Nash
23.08.2008    New result of Lilly and Byron
20.08.2008    Dreamworker Studdogs online
17.08.2008    Nash’s show-assessed merit
15.08.2008    Statistics D-Litter updated
10.07.2008    X-ray results of Nash
16.06.2008    Future litters
13.06.2008    Kat got her own site
13.06.2008    Wolve passed the breeding authorization test
07.06.2008    Scilly passed companion dog test
02.06.2008    Statistics updated
13.04.2008    New pictures of our Foxy red litter online
11.03.2008    Nash passed behaviour test
11.03.2008    New pictures of our Foxy red litter online
05.03.2008    X-ray results of Dragon red Kalen the Dreamworker
03.03.2008    New pictures of our Foxy red litter online
28.02.2008    The puppies got their names
27.02.2008    New pictures of our Foxy red litter online
25.02.2008    Skyes puppies are born
20.02.2008    New links
23.01.2008    Skye is pregnant

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