Back from the Toller-Fun-Days 30.05.2011

Between May 27 to 29 we organized the Toller-Fun-Days again. We were really happy that such a lot of Dreamworker owners took part.
On Sunday there was a inofficial Workingtest and the Dreamworkers reached excellent results:

Taster class (dogs who havn't passed any test so far):
Placed 7: René Meyer with Gamboling red Gil 63/80
Placed 8: Denise Tussot with Ember red Seska 62/80

Beginners class:
Placed 1st: Marianne with Gamboling red Ila 79/80
Placed 2nd: Elke with Gamboling red Newa 76/80
Placed 3rd: Nine with Gamboling red Cosme 75/80 -> Judges Choice!!!
Placed 8: Hiltrud Leipertz with Foxy red Leonis = Nelson 41/80
Placed 9: Tanja Stein with Ember red Neelix = Lucky 36/80

Advanced class:
Placed 2nd: Steffi with Dragon red Edana 87/120

We are really proud on all of you!!!
Way to go!

A lot of pictures can be found here:





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