Dreamies clean up 29.10.2008

Last weekend was very successful.
4 Dragon red’s and one Crazy red started at a Dummy Test for Beginners.
The 3 girls Mary (Dragon red Moya), Summer (Crazy red High Hope) and Edana (Dragon red Edana) passed the Test successfully and now have the qualification to start at Workingtests.
The 2 boys Drago (Dragon red Einon) and Garvin (Dragon red Garvin) havn’t so much luck and didn’t pass the test. But nevertheless they have shown a great work.

We are very proud on the Dreamworker-Offspring! Keep it up!

And last but not least on Saturday I passed a hunting test from our hunting association with Nash.
He now will get a breeding permission without any restrictions from the German Retriever Club.

We hope there will follow more such great Weekends!





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