Nelson passed the charactertest 28.06.2009

Today Nelson (Foxy red Leonis the Dreamworker) passed the personality/mental test of the German Retriever Club with an excellent result.

The judge Mrs. Weißenborn wrote the following about him:

The 16 month old Toller male showed a distinctive temper and behavior in motion, he is fond of playing and uses every chance to do.
The male is very persistent, alert and fearless.
He is retrieving his prey (ball) back to the owner. The determination in trailing is in high gear.
It is a great one for him to subordinate joyful and he has a very confiding relationship to his owner.
With strangers he is friendly, cuddly, after invitation playful. In the confining situations he is confident and fearless.
On the course he is looking without help at the different situations.

Gunshot: confident – alert

A very happy, friendly, playful male, who showed a confident and fearless behavior.


CONGRATULATION to Hiltrud and Nelson for this great success!





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