Ella passed the character test 24.08.2013

Today the German Retriever Club organized a character test in Erfurt with judge Klaus Karrenberg.
Christin and Ella (Incredible red Lys the Dreamworker) took part.

Here you can read what the judge wrote about her:
The 12 months old Toller female is full of spirits and shows an extremely pleasure of action.
The play instinct is shown in an extremely high gear.
The prey instinct is shown in high gear. She carries the prey and retrieves to her owner.
The relationship to her owner and the willingness to subordinate is good.
In contact with foreign people she is friendly and confident.
In the lateral position and in the alleyway of people she behaves confident.
She is not gunshy.
In the optical and acoustical area she is resilient.

Congratulations!!! Well done!





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