Ty passed the Charactertest 18.08.2013

Today the German Retriever Club organized a character test in Hüttenberg (Germany).
Judge was Brigitte Weber.
Tamara took part with Ty (Incredible red Ty the Dreamworker) and they passed.

The judge wrote the following about him:

The 12 months old male dog is full of spirits, he has a good kinesic behavior and play instinct. He is alert and persistent.
He shows much predatory instinct, he carries his prey but doesn't bring back to his owner.
The relationship to his owner is very good, he subordinates without any problems.
His behavior against people is trusting and confident. In the circle of people he subordinates.
During the gun shot he is confident and fearless, he searches for prey.
Within the parcours he shows suspiciousness with the optical things and needs time and assistance to accept the stimuli.
All in all a happy, confident male dog, behaved distrustful in optical area.





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