A lot of news 16.11.2013

The Dreamworkers had a very successful weekend.
Nelson (Foxy red Leonis the Dreamworker) started at a the Golden Worker Workingtest and reached place 11 out of 22 participants. Really great!

Congratulation to Hiltrud and Nelson.

Furthermore a lot of Dreamworkers were in Kassel at the Clubshow of the German Retriever Club.
Judge was Dyane M. Baldwin from USA.

Here you can read the results:

Youth Class:

"Incredible red Ty the Dreamworker"
Correct proportion + outline, enough leg, good body for age, shoulders + rear angles balanced, head & correct stop, muzzle a little long, would like a little bit more masculine, moves properly with typical gait, tail correct
in total: ex1 (Youth-CAC, Youth-CAC VDH, Clubjuniorwinner 2013)

Open Class:

„Hormic red Jaybo the Dreamworker“
Good head piece, nicely proportioned, shoulder need improvement, upper arm
too short, too shallow in chest, could have more bend of stifle, moved ok.
in total: very good

„Hormic red Naboo the Dreamworker“
Good bone and substance, typical head, slight reach in top line over loin,
nicely angled read, moved soundly
in total: very good

„Hormic red Nammo the Dreamworker“
Adequate bone, good front and shoulder, would like more substance through
ribs, pleasing head piece, top line is good, moved properly.
in total: ex3

„Hormic red Yima the Dreamworker“
Good head proportion, pleasing head piece, lovely shoulder, adequate bone,
good strong top line, would like more substance of body and … of ribs,
nicely angled in rear, moved well.
in total: ex2 (CAC-Res., CAC-VDH-Res.)


What a weekend!
We are really proud on all of you. Way to go boys and girls!

Incredible red Ty the Dreamworker





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