News from Drago, Milo, Chip und Lin 14.05.2011

This weekend a lot of news reached us.

Chip's (Gamboling red Chip the Dreamworker) x-ray results arrived.
He has HD A2 on both hips and ED 0 on one side and borderline on the other.

Milo (Foxy red Helo the Dreamworker) passed the Golden Retriever Clubs companion dog test B (BHP/B).

Drago (Dragon red Einon the Dreamworker) took part at the German Retriever Clubs companion dog test part B (BHP/B) and passed without any problems.

And last but not least our Superbaby Lin (Gamboling red Lin the Dreamworker) passed the German Retriever Clubs companion dog test (BHP/A) today. We havn't had time anymore for the part B because a wedding party waited of us ;-)))

A big congratulation to all of you!
We are really happy that a lot of Dreamworker-Owners take part at tests and all of them are successful.
Thank you! Your are great!





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