Lin, Kat & Drago passed breeding authorization test 13.01.2013

The district group of the German Retriever Club which is close to us organized a breeding authorization test today.
Lin, Kat and Drago took part and all got a very nice evaluation from the judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel.

Foxy red Kat the Dreamworker:
Small female. Feminine, expressive head, dark eyes. Very good ear set. Excellent body, beautiful lines and angulations. Spanking movement. Excellent coat, accurate white markings.
Shoulder height: 43cm
Overall evaluation: Excellent

Gamboling red Lin the Dreamworker:
Small female. Very good head, feminine expression, dark eyes. Good earset. Very good in body. Good lines and angulations. Moves rather close behind. Reserved nature.
Shoulder height: 44cm
Overall evaluation: very good

Dragon red Einon the Dreamworker:
Correct size. Masculine, very expressive head, dark eyes. Good earset. Excellent body, beautiful lines and angulations. Very good tail carriage.
Far-reaching movement.
Shoulder height: 48,5cm
Overall evaluation: Excellent





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