Ember passed the charctertest 12.09.2009

Today Ember (Ember red Nori the Dreamworker) passed the personality/mental test of the German Retriever Club with an excellent result.
The judge Mr. Karrenberg wrote the following about her:

The 22 month old Toller female is very joyful in temper and in motion. She showed a very strong social behavior. The female is during the whole test very attentive and very persistent. She has a very strong distinct predatory instinct. She carries and she retrieves objects. Her relationship to the owner is very big and disposition to subordinate is very strong. With strangers she behaved friendly and confident.
In the lane of people:  confident and unimpressed
In the lateral position: playfully reluctant
The female is NOT gunshy.

CONGRATULATION to Katharina and Ember!






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