Milo and Wilson passed the charactertest 06.06.2009

At the same time two Dreamworkers passed the behaviour/character test of the German Retriever Club today.
The judge Klaus Karrenberg wrote the following about them:

Milo (Foxy red Helo the Dreamworker):
The 15 months old Toller male showed an even-tempered behaviour in motion. He is full of spirits. He is very persistent in following his goals. His play instinct is very high, the willingness to subordinate he showed more or less. The relationship to the owner is good.
With strangers he is friendly and confident. In the lateral position he is confident and unimpressed, in the same way in the lane of people.
In the optical and acoustical area he behaved totally confident.
The male is NOT gunshy.

Wilson (Ember red Phlox the Dreamworker):
The 20 months old Toller showed an even-tempered, calm behaviour in motion. During the whole Test he behaved very attentive. He is persistent and loves to play.
The prey instinct exists in high gear.
He has a very strong confident relationship to his owner and a very good willingness to subordinate.
With strangers he is friendly and confident. In the lane of people and the lateral position totally resilient.
In the optical and acoustical area he showed a light insecurity and anxiousness. He didn’t get out of control and it was possible to bring him close to all the stimuli.
The male is NOT gunshy.

CONGRATULATION to Roswitha & Milo and Ulrike & Wilson!





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