Some news 05.09.2011

At September, 3rd, Jaybo (Hormic red Jaybo the Dreamworker) went to his first Show. Claudia showed him at the DRC Show in Lich (Germany).
The result is great: vv1

Here's the report from the judge Mr. Jean Louis Pigal, F:
Very pretty small model, a typical head and expression, good neck, good
chest - to be finished, good loin, good front and rear angulation, moves

Jaybo (Hormic red Jaybo the Dreamworker)

Furthermore Hiltrud was there with Nelson (Foxy red Leonis the Dreamworker), too.
And he got a very nice evaluation, too:
Good sized dog, a good head and expression, good earset, good neck, good chest, I would prefer more angulation in front and rear, good loin, correct topline, moves very well.
Excellent 2, CAC-Res., Anw. Dt. Ch.-VDH Res.






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