To early… 01.09.2009

A stroke of fate overtook us today and we were powerless against it.
It makes us very very sad and we cannot understand it.

Today Gimli (Burning red Flame the Dreamworker) was at the veterinary university in Giessen (Germany) for a MRT and stopped breathing during the narcosis. All attempts at resuscitation were in vain.
We are shocked, sad and we cannot describe the anguish.
She is the first Dreamworker who passed the Rainbowbridge…
On September, 8, 2009 she would have had her 5th birthday…

The world caved in for Kerstin and Andy… Gimli is leaving a big whole in their life.
She was something special. All who ever met her can understand what I mean.
She was such a friendly dog and when she met some of her special people she was so thrilled that her body waggled.
Everybody loved her and nobody could be angry about her.
She was the first debris rescue Toller in Germany and an absolutely outstanding recue dog. No Brushwood was to tangle and no area to difficult for her.
At work she always gave more than 100% and always wanted to be perfect.
In all of her behaviour she was a copy of her mother Sockx and this made her so special, too.

Gimli, we will never forget you and you will be for ever in our hearts.





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