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 Vermilion Nash the Dreamworker (Nash)Facts

Name: Vermilion Nash the Dreamworker
Callname: Nash
Birthday: 12.12.2006
Pedigree No.: DRC-T 07-0324
Father: Elvebredd's Gotta Have Nacho's
Mother: Vermilion's Loaded Remington
Heigh: 50 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Show-assessed merit: Excellent
Breeding permission: Deutscher Retriever Club e.V.

Breeder: Jamie Como & Kathy Koebensky-Como
Vermilion Tollers


HD: A2
ED: 0/0
Eyes: 17.06.2013 RD: clear, PRA: clear, HC: clear - punctate cataract (unchanged since 2011)
PRA: Genotype A
CEA/CH: clear by parentage
DIL-Gentest: Typ D/d
ICQ: 1.76% over 6 generations (BreedMate)


08.03.2008  Character test
13.08.2008  Show-assessed merit (German Retriever Club)
25.10.2008  JEPs

Character test  

The 14 month old Toller male has a very strong play instinct, enjoys moving around and is bubbly.
The male dog behaved very persistent and alert. He showed physical hardness.
The predatory and hunting instinct as well as the drive to retrieve and the play instinct are distinctive.
He has a strong willingness to obey and protect his owner.
Against non-natives he behaved friendly, confident and trusting, in parts importunate.
Lying on his back he shows a playful behaviour.
The test in the circle of people is in no way a strain.
In the optical and acoustical area he feels totally certain and is unimpressible.
The male dog is not gun-shy .

Judge: Mr. Klaus Karrenberg

Show-assessed merit  

Good size. Very nice type of head, masculine, full of expression. Excellent body, nice topline and angulations. Extension movement.

General appearance: "Excellent"

Judge: Mrs. Assenmacher-Feyel



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