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 Ember red Neelix the DreamworkerFacts

Name: Ember red Neelix the Dreamworker
Callname: Lucky
Birthday: 03.10.2007
Pedigree No.: DRC-T 07-0327
Father: Futte
Mother: Burning red Sun the Dreamworker
Heigh: 47 cm
Weight: 18 kg
Show-assessed merit: Excellent
Breeding permission: DRC (German Retriever Club)

Owner: Tanja Stein



HD: A2
ED: 0/0
Eyes: clear 10/2010
PRA: carrier
CEA/CH: carrier


Character test
Companion dog test
APD/A (Dummytest Beginnerclass)

Character test  

The 20 months old Toller male showed a very balanced kinesic behavior. He
behaved persistent and very alert. His playing attitude is shown in a
pronounced way, just as the predatory instinct. He has a very good liaison
and willingness to subordinate. With non-natives he is confident and
friendly. In the alleyway of persons and laying on his side he is totally
unimpressed. In the optical and acoustical area he is unimpressed. The male
is not gunshy.

Judge: Mr. Klaus Karrenberg
June, 27, 2009

Show-assessed merit  

20 months old, well balanced, a bit teenaged looking male. Typical masculine
head with gentle expression. Excellent neck and backline. Well matured rib
cage, excellent coat, good color and markings. The angulations could be a
bit distinctive. Powerful movement and soft behavior. He is on the lower
side of the limit (47cm).
General appearance: Excellent

Judge: Mrs. Beate Ting
June, 11, 2009


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