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 A red Jasper Jones the Dreamworker (Jasper)Facts

Name: A red Jasper Jones the Dreamworker
Callname: Jasper
Birthday: 22.11.2002
Pedigree No.: DRC-T 02-0138
Father: Happy Trails Commander Douglas
Mother: Copper and Brass's Zaratustra
Heigh: 52 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Show-assessed merit: Excellent
Breeding permission: Suitable for Hunt Performance Breeding
in the DRC (German Retriever Club)

Owner: Anke & Jochen Böttcher
Erbacher Str. 27a
55262 Heidesheim
+49 6132 896489

 A red Jasper Jones the Dreamworker (Jasper)Healthresults

HD: A1
ED: 0/0
Eyes: clear 08/2007
PRA: clear by parentage


09.11.2003  Character test
12.09.2004  JEP/s (official hunting test with blood track)
26.09.2004  JP/R (Junior hunting test)
28.10.2007  BLP (Hunting test Elite Class) with 287 points
(grading: very good)

Character test  

The 11 month old Toller showed a very balanced behaviour. The relationship to the owner and the attendance to subordinate is good. His hunting abilities are very good. Against other persons he feels confident. In a circle of persons he's self confident and unimpressed. Optical and acoustical he has no problems. He has no problems with a gunshot.

Judge: Mr. Klaus Karrenberg

Show-assessed merit  

Big, very typical. Stoutly built masculine head, very expressive. Very good Anatomy, correct in all parts of the body. Free movement, in front a little bit slack in elbows.
High: 52cm

General appearance: "Excellent"

Judge: Mrs. Assenmacher-Feyel


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