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Objibwa's Phoenix-Peschiwo YaG (Phoenix) Copper and Brass Bellarossa (Skye)
Objibwa's Phoenix-Peschiwo YaG Copper and Brass's Bellarossa

D-Litter (Dragon red)
Father: CH JCh. Objibwa's Phoenix-Peschiwo YaG
(HD A/A, ED 0/0 PRA B)
Mother: Copper and Brass's Bellarossa
(HD A2, ED 0/0, PRA A, CEA carrier)
Birthday: 16.06.2006
  5 males   |  4 females
ICQ: 0,78% over 6 generations (BreedMate)
Name Hips Elbows PRA CEA Passed Tests General remarks
Dragon red Moya the Dreamworker A2 0/0 B - WT, BHP/A, APD/A ZZL DRC
Dragon red Garvin the Dreamworker C1 0/0 AB - WT neutered
Dragon red Conroy the Dreamworker - - AB - Socialisatietest (BE) -
Dragon red Edana the Dreamworker A2 0/0 A - WT, JEPs, BHP/A+B, BHP VDH,
Dragon red Einon the Dreamworker A2 0/0 AB - WT, BHP/A+B -
Dragon red Layana the Dreamworker (†) - FCP AB - BHP/A+B neutered, EP
Dragon red Byron the Dreamworker A2 0/0 AB - WT, BHP/A+B (GRC), APD/A (GRC) -
Dragon red Kalen the Dreamworker A2 0/0 AB - - -
Dragon red Fiona the Dreamworker B/B 0/0 A - WT (CH) ZZL RCS

WT Mental test with an approved gun shot reaction
BHP Companion Dog test
APD/A Dummytest Beginnerclass
APD/F Dummytest Advanced Class
JP/R junior Hunttest (only for dogs younger than 24 months old)
JEPs Jagdeignungsprüfung mit Schweiß (Brauchbarkeitsprüfung)
RH Rescuedog
ZZL DRC Breeding permission from the German Retriever Club
ZZL ÖRC Breeding permission from the Austrian Retriever Club
ZZL RCS Breeding permission from the Retriever Club Switzerland



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