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Shaggy Tollers Sergent Pepper (John) Copper and Brass Zaratustra (Sockx)
Shaggy Toller's Sergent Pepper Copper and Brass's Zaratustra

B-Litter (Burning red)
Father: INTCH, DKCH, SU(u)CH, DKRV'05, NUCH, NORDCH, DCH-VDH  Shaggy Toller's Sergent Pepper
(HD A, ED 0/0, PRA B, CEA/CH affected)
Mother: Copper and Brass's Zaratustra
(HD C1, ED 0/0, PRA + CEA/CH normal/clear)
Birthday: 08.09.2004
  3 male   |  2 females
ICQ: 0% over 6 generations (BreedMate)
Name Hips Elbows PRA CEA Passed Tests General remarks
Burning red Fire the Dreamworker A1 0/0 AB carrier - -
Burning red Flame the Dreamworker (†) A1 0/0 AB carrier BHP/A+B, RH Eignungstest,
gepr. RH Trümmer u. Fläche
SRMA, neutered
Burning red Pyro the Dreamworker A2 0/0 AB carrier WT neutered
Burning red Cheveyo the Dreamworker (†) A2 0/0 B carrier - SRMA, neutered
Burning red Sun the Dreamworker A2 0/0 B carrier WT, BHP/A, JP/R ZZL DRC

WT Mental test with an approved gun shot reaction
BHP Companion Dog test
APD/A Dummytest Beginnerclass
APD/F Dummytest Advanced Class
JP/R junior Hunttest (only for dogs younger than 24 months old)
JEPs Jagdeignungsprüfung mit Schweiß (Brauchbarkeitsprüfung)
RH Rescuedog
ZZL DRC Breeding permission from the German Retriever Club



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