DRC Spezialzuchtschau Lich 07.09.2013

Heute fand in Lich die jährliche DRC Spezialzuchtschau statt. Gerichtet hat Mr. Kjell Svensson aus Schweden.
Ty (Incredible red Ty the Dreamworker) startete noch einmal in der Jugendklasse und Nammo (Hormic red Nammo the Dreamworker) in der Offenen.

Hier die Berichte der beiden Jungs:

Incredible red Ty the Dreamworker - Jugendklasse - SG2
"Good proportions and condition, good skull, a bit weak in underjaw, light
ears, good neck, straight shoulder, good topline, needs more spring of rib,
a bit straight in stifle, could have more bone, moves with a short step,
nice temperament"

Hormic red Nammo the Dreamworker - Offene Klasse - V1, CAC, CAC-VDH, BOS
"Good size and proportions, excellent condition, well balanced head, nice
expression, well set ears, good neck, adequate shoulder angulation, good
bone and feet.
Nice ribs, strong hindquarter but a bit straight in stifle.
Good coat, bends his tail, well balanced on the move, nice temperament."

Ganz Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!







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